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How to Recover Yahoo Account Password without Phone Number by shira76
February 2nd, 2018, 5:39 am
You might have an important message waiting in your Yahoo mailbox but at the same instance, you forgot your account password. Yahoo! won't actually send you password but it will guide you to reset it. If you have added a secondary email address to your Yahoo! account, then you can easily reset the forgotten password. Here is the process to do so:
Follow the steps to reset your forgotten Yahoo! Mail password:
1. Go to Yahoo Sign-in Helper page.
2. Enter your Yahoo! email address.
3. Tap Continue. Yahoo! will now take you through the options available.
If you have linked a secondary email address with your Yahoo! account and you don’t have any access to a phone number, then follow the steps:
1. When asked Do you have access to this email? Click Yes, send me an Account Key.
2. You will receive an account key on the alternate email id.
3. Under Verify that you have access to this email, enter the received account key.
4. Select Verify.
5. After verify you will be directed to the next page and enter your new password here.
6. Finally, password resets successful.
If you have tried the options given above and you are not able to reset your password, then you can refer your problem to Yahoo! Help Community.

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